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How it works

1. Upload your videos.

2. Get a permanent link to the video.

3. Paste link in your player.


  • 1) Create a new zone and specify the amount of space you need.
  • 2) Upload your files.
  • 3) Once uploaded, the videos will be accessible via URL zones, keeping the structure of your folders.

You can regularly add more space if required.

By default the settings of the newly created zone are the following – protection OFF, RATE and BURST values according to the settings of the zone. You can switch ON either of the two types of protection:

  • 1) Signed URL.
  • 2) Signed URL + IP verification.

You have to set the TTL link validity period for the active protection. Whether the protection is ON or OFF, you can set the speed in the URL string, otherwise the default zone settings apply. A sample php code with signature is available in the zone.

Our hostings are in France, Germany, and the Netherlands. You can chose the preferrable location for your content through our support. The service is different for an ordinary CDN because we release your content from the servers in Europe, not anywhere in the world. Besides, our service costs less.

We forward any DMCA complaint that we receive to the client who is responsible for solving this issue, then within 24 hours the client reports to us the taken measures.

Yes, the control script and the instructions are available after registration.

We use post-paid settlement. Every 1st day of the month we issue an invoice for the services provided in the previous month and you can pay the invoice immediately in control panel.

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